About us


The purpose of the Club is to foster the love and enjoyment of nature; to further the appreciation of our forests and mountains, particularly those of the Olympic Peninsula, by contact with them through hiking, camping and exploring; and to promote and enjoy the good fellowship of such activities.


“The Olympians” was founded in 1920 and incorporated in 1935. It is governed by a board of 9 trustees, serving for 3-year overlapping terms, who are elected at the Annual Meeting in the fall. The Board elects the officers (president, vice-president, secretary and treasurer) from its membership and appoints various committees or committee chairmen. The most important of these is the Hikes Committee, which is responsible for scheduling the activities of the year. The Club is affiliated with the Federation of Western Outdoor Clubs.


The Club’s activities include the following: day hikes, evening hikes, mountain climbs, several week-long outings, including an annual backpack, overnight camping trips, slide shows, social functions, etc.

Activities are planned each month. Some hikes are planned for families. For other hikes, check with the leader before bringing children. All activities are announced in a club bulletin. The Club has three regular meeting places for starting hikes– 8th and Simpson in Hoquiam (the US Bank parking lot), W. Heron and S. ‘M’ in Aberdeen (the DSHS parking lot next to Denny’s Restaurant) and in Montesano (corner of Fleet St. and Broadway). Here, transportation can be found and rides shared. Riders offer the drivers .10 cent per mile as their share of the cost.